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December 24 2008


Did you miss a Twit? Well the great people over at odtv.me have captured almost ever show on the Twit Network and posted them for download.

Yes they have Leo's blessing.

December 17 2008

Leo is off to Paris

Leo is on Vacation in Paris. I hope he has a great time visiting Abby and a very Merry Christmas for the whole family.

All the usual Twit shows will be available for the next 2 weeks. He did a marathon recording session last week, so we can have new content for our Christmas season.  Thanks for all the hard work Leo.

December 14 2008

CTRL-ALT-DEL-F4-F16, yay!

December 13 2008


Leo got his birthday present to himself. Cannon 5D Mark 2. He is so happy it showed up before leaving for Paris.


December 11 2008

Tech Guy Labs

Show notes, past shows, and all things the Tech Guy


For all your Leo Laporte needs


The techguy flickr group

December 10 2008

You can share your news, pics and thoughts about Twit
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